Custom Glass Applications

Personalized Glass Creations for Every Space

At Allstate Architectural Glass, we recognize the unique potential of every room to reflect your style and needs. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering custom glass solutions that fit your vision. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to craft the perfect piece, whether it’s mirrors, glass backsplashes, barn doors, wine closets, glass pantries, or other custom glass applications, ensuring each element complements your space and enhances its overall aesthetic. We’re here to guide you through every step of the design process, from initial concept to final installation. Explore the sections below to discover our diverse range of custom glass options.


Elevate your space with custom mirrors designed to fit any room’s aesthetic. Our tailored mirrors add depth, enhance light, and create an illusion of space, making them perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, or commercial spaces. Experience the blend of functionality and style with mirrors cut to your specifications.

Glass Backsplashes

Modernize your kitchen, bathroom, office, or wet bar with back-painted glass backsplashes. Offering a sleek alternative to traditional materials like tile, laminate, granite, marble, and wood, our glass backsplashes promise a clean look with minimal seams and sightlines. Enjoy the easy maintenance and durability of glass.

Glass Barn Doors

Transform your interior with our custom glass barn doors. These stylish, sliding doors are not just a statement piece but also a practical solution for saving space and separating areas without sacrificing natural light. Our glass barn doors blend seamlessly with any decor style, offering a touch of modern elegance.

Wine Closets

Elevate your home with a custom-designed wine closet, offering a stylish and sophisticated way to store and display your wine collection. Our glass wine closets are meticulously crafted to maintain the perfect balance of form and function, providing optimal conditions for your wines while serving as an elegant focal point in your space.

Glass Pantries

Transform your kitchen with our custom glass pantries, designed for both beauty and practicality. Our glass pantries enhance the visual appeal of your storage solutions, allowing for easy visibility and access while keeping your items neatly organized. Perfect for modern kitchens seeking a blend of functionality and sleek design.