Semi-Frameless & Header Systems

Minimalist Design & Maximum Safety

As much as we strive to design your frameless enclosure with as minimal hardware as possible, safety and structural integrity cannot be overlooked. Our header systems add that essential rigidity with minimal sightlines to keep your shower safe and secure. For those seeking a balance between the sleek look of a frameless enclosure and the durability of a framed design, our Semi-Frameless options offer the perfect solution. These systems feature slim, unobtrusive framing that provides additional support without sacrificing the open, airy feel of your shower space. Choose from a variety of finishes and styles to seamlessly integrate with your bathroom’s aesthetic, ensuring a design that’s as beautiful as it is functional. With Allstate Architectural Glass, you don’t have to compromise on safety or style.

Essence Frameless Slider

Hydroslide Frameless Slider

Serenity Frameless Slider