Custom Shower Doors & Enclosures

A Tailored Solution for Every Bathroom

At Allstate Architectural Glass, we understand that every shower space is unique. That’s why we offer custom solutions tailored to your needs and vision. Our team is dedicated to working closely with you to design and develop the perfect shower door or enclosure, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your space, framing, and aesthetic preferences. We guide you through every step of the design process. Below are examples of the different types of shower enclosures we offer (click images for full previews).

Single-Door Enclosures

The epitome of simplicity and elegance. Our Single-Door shower enclosures can be paired with an operable or fixed transom, ideal for a streamlined steam shower experience.

Splash Panels

Enhance your shower with our stylish splash panels – a sleek and modern addition to any bathroom. These minimalist panels not only protect your bathroom from water splash but also add a touch of elegance, opening up the space visually.

Inline: Door + Panel

These enclosures are designed to fit every unique space and are designed to be hinged off the wall or an adjacent glass panel. The hardware – from low-profile channels to heavy-duty clamps – is chosen based on your space’s structural needs.

Inline: Door + Two Panels

Our Door + Two Panels design is great for a more complex layout. We meticulously consider glass thickness and support hardware to ensure safety, structural integrity, and the aesthetic you desire.

Right-Angle Showers

Perfect for layouts with a return or two, our Right-Angle Showers are measured and installed to fit your framing and tile work precisely.

Frameless Neo-Angle Showers

Embrace the complexity of Neo-Angle showers. These configurations often require detailed engineering – we’re here to explore the options that best suit your space and vision.

Neo-Angle Showers with Headers

For the intricate Neo-Angle showers hinging a door off another glass panel, we provide low-profile headers for necessary structural support, ensuring both safety and style.

Notched Panels

Select any enclosure style; we can tailor it to your unique space. Our notched panels accommodate knee walls, benches, vanities, slanted ceilings, and other custom features, ensuring a perfect fit for any design.

Black Grid Showers

Step into a world of modern elegance with our Black Grid Showers. These statement pieces bring a contemporary look to your bathroom, blending functionality with cutting-edge design.

Sauna Enclosures

Discover the ultimate relaxation with our Sauna Enclosures, designed to blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics while providing a private oasis of warmth. Our enclosures are built to withstand the demanding conditions of heat and moisture.

Steam Showers

Steam showers can be configured to any custom space. The difference between a standard shower and steam enclosure is having tiled ceilings to properly capture (and withstand) steam, as well as an operable transom over the door to release it.

Frameless Tubs

Frameless tub enclosures offer an unobstructed view that maximizes light and space. These sleek, modern enclosures provide an elegant solution that complements any bathroom design, from classic to contemporary.