Glass & Hardware for Shower Enclosures

Hardware Finishes

Shower hardware is available in a variety of stock finishes to enhance enhance and match your decor. There are bright mirror–like finishes, antique and high–tech finishes, brushed finishes for soft decors, and painted finishes such as black, white and red. The finishes shown are as close as possible to the actual item.

Visit our gallery to see what these finishes look like full-scale >>

Common Glass Types

CLEAR GLASS has a teal tint along the edge

LOW-IRON or STARPHIRE GLASS ​has an ultra-clear edge
A great selection for white tile bathrooms!

Hardware Selections

When it comes to selecting hardware, the layout of your enclosure will determine the hardware you need (or do not need!). We will walk you through the design process!

Wall-Mount, Glass-Mount & Pivot Hinges

Varies per layout.

Channel, Clips & Support Clamps

Varies per layout.

Steam Shower Transom Clips

Varies per layout.

Handpulls & Fingerpulls

Minimal, modern and traditional options.

Towel-bars & Robe-hooks

Keep your towels within reach!

Sliding Glass Systems

Shower, Barn & Pocket Door Sliders